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Industry Advisory Platform
Over 35 industries and (semi) public-private organisations are members of the Industry Advisory Platform ( IAP). This Platform will exploit and promote results and identify bottlenecks to be examined in the project or spin-off projects. New members are welcome to join the Platform during the course of the project. » read more
Role of IAP
The members of the Industry Advisory Platform shall provide input based on their industrial experience with novel processing and packaging in order to optimise knowledge transfer as well as the development process. » read more
The Industry Advisory Platform and its members will (a) play an active role in the area of novel processing and packaging; (b) include representatives of both manufacturing and food machinery equipment sector; (c) include a substantial number of SME and large enterprises; (d) cover a substantial number of European countries. » read more
How to become a member
If you like to become a member of the Industry Advisory Platform, click here to express your interest.
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