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Well-trained young researchers, active within a culture of multi-disciplinary European research, are key to providing their organisations, the NovelQ project and Europe with the expertise required to promote and capitalise on a healthy entrepreneurial culture. In the 21st century, the pursuit of science and technology is crucial to the delivery of knowledge to industry to be used to develop new or improved products that will expand national, regional and global markets, create employment and benefit society. Twenty first century scientists and technologist must, therefore, posses a much wider range of skills that simply good laboratory practice. » read more
Training and Career Development in NovelQ
During the kick-off meeting of NovelQ in March 2006, it was emphasised that the project provided an excellent basis for the training and career development of its members. The focus of training and career development is on young people but the activities are open to others from the project that also see benefits from participation. 
Both training and career development are dynamic processes and it is expected that the skills and knowledge gained will be further spread and disseminated to other colleagues in industry and academia. In this way the processes developed within NovelQ will add value over a wider population. » read more
Structure and Membership of TCD Network
The network comprises a group of enthusiastic people engaged in NovelQ. It is geographically-representative of the project. The Network itself will function as a training activity, enabling those involved to plan, prioritise and delegate activities across national borders. Such corporate activity is a necessary element of European science in the 21st century and is the basis of the anticipated delivery and impact of NovelQ. The current TCD NovelQ network consists of 12 institutions located in 9 countries. » read more
External Activities
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Becoming a Member
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